Go Eco Friendly Everywhere

Where We Travel to Find Peace, Harmony and Adventure, at the same time we harm or hurt our mother nature in that process. Due to that Nature is Missing its integrity. As being decent and Responsible Person, we are entitled to follow some Major things to save our Planet, you must have heard about statement “There’s NO Planet B”, but are We following scales and measures to protect our beloved Planet? The answer must be a Big NO… No worries this blog will help you find a better traveler inside you.  There are several ways we can opt to minimize the harm.

  1. Use Biodegradable Disposable Bags Instead of Plastic Ones:

Using cloth or Jute bags is eco-friendly and at the same time it reduces the possibility of harmful effects of plastic usage. Littering is a serious threat and hence reducing usage of plastic while travelling is a welcome change.

  • CNG Vehicles or Public Transport

Not just in the city, but even while travelling to other places, use public transportation. In the city use metros, trams or buses or learn to carpool for longer distances. While travelling for a vacation, take some time off and enjoy a train ride.  When driving, switching to CNG vehicles in place of petrol and/or diesel variants. This helps in lowering the carbon monoxide levels.

  • Use Biodegradable Food Packaging Solutions

For Food Packaging and Take Away or Take Out, we often use Plastic Disposable Containers or Serving Options. Instead of this We focus to get Biodegradable, Compostable Tableware. It not only saves Mother Nature but You as well from harmful Plastic.

  • Recycle

Recycling plastic is the minimum which one could do. Plastic items bottles, bags should be recycled and not disposed of after immediate consumption. This helps reducing plastic litter and thus prevents land pollution. Try and use glass bottles or carry water bottles made of glass on your travels.

  • Buy Organic

Organic, Natural items are better for the climate as they diminish contamination, ration water and utilize less energy. Eat perfect and beneficial to remain fit out and about. Either purchase natural produce and go on your outings or purchase new vegetables from Farmers.

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