Sturdy and Aesthetic:

Our Eco- Friendly Tableware Are Built for every needs. It’s design and Quality make a big difference in Environment. Products remain as it is for a really long time.

Oil & Water Repellent:

Greenvale Eco Products withstand Moisture and Oil as They go through rigorous approach in Manufacturing. Focus more on food and product will conduct its Job.

100% Organic & Natural:

Our Products are completely Chemical Free and Biodegradable which do not harm you as well as our Mother Earth. These products are Made of Agro Residue Fiber (Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp). Apart from that all our products are capable enough to get composed within soil in less than 60 days.

Microwave Safe & Refrigerator Safe:

Our Eco Friendly Products are built with heat resisting properties which make them both Microwave and Refrigerator safe.

Healthy & Non-Toxic to Consume:

Greenvale Eco Products as responsible institution do not use harmful chemicals and compounds which take health for granted. We follow chemical free process to make you and your food Healthy.

Proudly Made In India:

With the Help of 300+ empowered skilled and Semi-skilled women, Greenvale Eco Products is amongst the Leading Biodegradable Tableware manufacturing Institutions.

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Why choose GreenVale?

All the Eco products by Greenvale are derived from 100% biodegradable plant-based raw materials so that every individual earns to have a standard living by eating healthy and maintaining an ecological balance.

What makes our products different from other Tableware

The remaining sugarcane after pressed for Juice called 'Bagasse' is agitated and transformed into pulp. With the assistance of high temperature and pressing factor, this Liquid Pulp is formed into great Tableware. Greenvale Eco Products are 100% compostable and can decompose in your lawn home manure.

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